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I had the opportunity to check out this space thanks to my son Alex and Ron because this is where the Spielberg's West Side Story was filmed. I want to start by saying how excited I am for the development of the entire historic district there. I think in a year it is going to be one of the hottest areas in NJ.
The venue itself is lovely. There is gorgeous art on the wall and I like that there is a lot of space to move around. Big selling point: the air conditioning here works like a champ. A lot of times you get into these old buildings, and the ac can't keep up with the space, but that was not the case here. Plenty of windows let in the light during the day, which I am always a fan of; I hate going to dark event spaces during the day and feeling like I'm in a dungeon.

During the cocktail hour there is a deck outdoor area. There are cool sofas for comfy seating as you're mingling with friends. There are breathtakingly beautiful upstairs lofty areas as well. It should be noted that the building is located on an extremely well lit block, so if you attend an event here at night you should feel pretty safe. I look very much forward to attending our event there in 2021.

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Perfect venue to creating unique experiences for your guests. Rather than settling for the standard event space, Art Factory nontraditional space offers unique design elements, views and architecture.

Maybe because I'm not afraid to think outside the box and be creative when selecting a venue traditional spaces just don't do nothing for me. TheArtFactory will allow you to design an inspiring environment that will tell your story, connect with your guest and leave a lasting impression.
And there’s no better way to deliver a memorable experience to your guests than making them feel like they’re truly a part of a one-of-a kind event.
One great way to do that is with personalization. TheArtFactory is fabulous because they will let you do almost anything and even your guests are allowed to move around different spaces and interact.
I know they're doing a lot of changes and upgrades but hopefully they will stay true to the real historic character of this amazing space.

Such a classic, timeless and stunning venue! Looking forward to future events in those gorgeous historic buildings... there are so many unique spaces for a first look, portraits, group photos, etc. TheArtFactory was also a perfect rain plan for the ceremony that had to be moved inside at the last minute! You're a lifesaver! THANK YOU for everything you've done! Don't pay attentions to haters - they just don't get it!