Your custom wedding in our amazing setting!

What Art Factory IS . . .

Art Factory is an adventure in a vibrant historical factory campus where dreams are made by our team of creatives.  You and your guests will Never Forget the awesome customized Experience we provide.IMG_2328


What Art Factory is NOT . . .
We are not the typical corporate catering hall!  There are no casino carpets surrounding tiny square fake wood dance floors or fake Roman columns here - and no one will be cutting your music and pushing you out at 11:00!HD109105
What are your spaces like?

You choose from a variety of grand spaces featuring nineteenth century hardwood floors, grand historic windows and high wood-beam ceilings, all accentuated with decor provided by the Art Factory.  Spaces can be rented individually or combined and all have new heating and air conditioning systems, expanded inventory and props, new catering equipment, new and renovated bathrooms and more. You should visit to feel the grandeur of our spaces for yourself.IMG_0004


Is planning included?

Yes!  Art Factory has built a team of professional planners (Noel, Maritza and their assistants) that have intimate knowledge of our space and operations with a special flair for customer service.  Each planner has her own support team who manage expectations, planning and all the details!planning


Do I have to set things up myself?

Not at all!  You won't be doing any setup or cleanup! Assisting our event managers Noel and Maritza is our team of setup personnel who work through the night and into the morning cleaning and transitioning between custom events as necessary, so by noon of the day of your event you are good-to-go!art-factory-upgrades-2019-10-09-0009


Do you perform the decorating?

Yes, this is not a DIY project!  We have a showroom full of decor and props that are chosen by you with the assistance of our event planners to create a custom look for your wedding.  Then our team sets-up your tables, chairs, props and chosen decor.



Can I bring my own catering?

Yes!  You may bring your own food and beverage, hire your own caterer or choose one of our preferred caterers that have space right here in the Art Factory with various menus, themes and prices to fit your style and budget, from stations to family style to a never-ending cocktail party!food_1

How do you handle alcohol?
Many of our guests bring their own alcohol or buy it and have it delivered.  We will store it in your own locked studio for up to a week in advance of your event, and you can pick them up for a week after if you wish to return the unopened packages to the store for a refund.  Or, your caterer of choice may have the license necessary to provide you with a turnkey open bar should you choose.bars


Do you have preferred vendors?
Yes, you can actually choose any vendors you wish, but we have  preferred vendors like caterers, photographers, DJs, cake makers, and hotels right in our on-site EXPO that have demonstrated success with previous clients and events.m6


Can I have my ceremony at the Art Factory?
Absolutely!  Both the Hamilton and International stages have their own separate ceremony areas.  Our largest stages Linen and Hemp are big enough for you to have your ceremony, cocktails and reception all in the same huge space, or they can be combined!roth-lachenmayer-2019-12-22-30207


Do you have bridal and groom suites?
Yes, we have awesome dedicated bridal and groom suites for each couple, that are yours for the entire day!Burgunty2


Do you have parking?
We have parking on-site for bridal parties, ADA and those who need assistance.  Our main parking lot is about a block and a half away at 14 Market Street, across from the Paterson Museum where your guests will board one of our old-fashioned trolleys that ferry them back and forth all day and night.  Our trolleys are driven by off-duty Paterson police officers and firemen.roth-lachenmayer-2019-12-22-30397


How about security?

Art Factory has 24/7 security even though we are on Interstate 80 in a predominantly non-residential historic factory district.  Our trolleys are driven by off-duty Paterson police officers and firemen.



I understand that if I have my event at the Art Factory I am a member. What is membership?

Everyone who decides to have their event at the Art Factory becomes automatic members, similar to Soho House, with privileged 24/7 access.  You may come and go as you please, use the grounds for photos, build in our wood and metal shops, or just hang-out with family and friends.  You become a part of our family! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 6.38.39 PM


Do you have multiple events at the same time?

Sometimes.  Our event spaces are in different buildings on our huge 5-acre campus, so we can have multiple events without crossover of people or sound.  Here is a photo of our campus:



What is the deposit?

You pay for the space in full to book as our work on your custom wedding immediately, and you are a member with all of the access and privileges of membership. 



What is the cancellation/refund policy?

When you book a space at the Art Factory you have taken it off of the calendar, effectively blocking the opportunity for someone else to rent it.  Therefore, the fee for the space is non-refundable.  If an emergency should arise such that no need to reschedule Art Factory will work with you to move to the next mutually agreeable date.  If you decide to back-out of your booking altogether, Art Factory will, at your request, put the space back out for others to rent upon which, if successful, your money or the recoverable portion thereof will be refunded.




TheArtFactory is taking all PRECAUTION and is being very proactive in vigilance via the Corona virus working closely with the Paterson Health Department, educating our staff and following all necessary guidelines.  In addition to the standard cleaning procedures we're using hdqC 2 special cleaning agents as well, and have implemented a rigorous program. hdqC 2 is a neutral pH disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganism. HdqC 2 deodorizes hard-to-keep-fresh-smelling areas such as garbage storage areas, toilet bowls, and other areas which are prone to odors caused by microorganisms.



Do I need my own insurance?

Art Factory carries its own property and liability insurance, but you must supply your own event liability insurance as well.  Sometimes homeowner's insurance covers it.  Otherwise it shouldn't cost more than $150 using this link: