Experience. Industrial. Chic. Vibe.

From Wedding Wire . . . vintage and rustic chic are now facing some heated competition. The industrial chic trend has been making a serious run for the wedding scene‚Äôs best style blend. Often infusing vintage and rustic elements itself, the trend expertly blends modern with the old. When it comes to industrial wedding venues, think revamped lofts, old factories with metal piping, and spacious warehouses with exposed brick or bare concrete walls.

Your Art Factory Wedding is an Experience, not an event!

We use the term Experience rather than event because there is nothing that compares to the Art Factory. All of our couples are honorary members of the Art Factory with special privileges including 24/7 access to our historic spaces, campus and our community from the day you book.  On your day you have exclusive access from as early as 8 AM to your bridal and groom suites, reception stage and if desired your ceremony stage.  You become a part of our family! This is no 5-hour affair!

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Start with your favorite reception stage!

Hamilton Gallery is comfortable for up to 200 seated on our large factory-built tables and refinished seating, with a dance floor.  International has the added bonus of Park and Deck and fits up to 400 guests.

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How about having your ceremony on one of our grand stages?

For no additional fee, you can exchange your vows on one of our  grand ceremony stages!

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Where does Chic come in?

Donata is a Master of Fine Arts - a Painter, Sculptor, Filmmaker, Chef, and Installation Specialist.  Donata invented the Art Factory. Each couple who blesses us with their decision to have their wedding at the Art Factory is attached to Donata, who turns every wedding into an enchanting Experience.

Donata curates furnishings, tablescapes, lighting, and bespoke decor to customize every Experience.  

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Food? Oh Yeah!

Executive Chef Jonathan and Executive Sous Chef Tyrone (both Johnson & Wales grads) curate a menu specifically for you.  Their 5-hour passed tapas program combines artistry, quantity, and Fun!  Or choose your own caterer if you wish.

Wait!  And all of our couples are afforded many tastings while Chef curates your menu to make sure it's just right!

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What about my guests?

Oh boy!  That's where we land the big hit!  Your guests arrive at our main parking lot a block from the Factory where they board our old-fashioned trolleys and ride to the Great Falls and on to our Mercado.  Who goes to a wedding and is treated to crepes, coffee and cocoa while they browse a creative marketplace to the tunes of a live pianist?  Only here.  We take care of your guests while you are getting ready!  Your guests can make a day of it like a mini destination wedding!  They will never forget your wedding! Testimonials - Check out what our clients have to say.

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Interested in getting an estimate?

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