Table of Contents

  • your wedding story
  • vision board
  • cupture your story

Your Unique Wedding Story

Tell Us Who You Are as an Individual and as a Couple

Is there a movie, play, or album that inspires you, or brings you back to your essential self? What colors, textures, natural elements bring you together as a couple? Are there individual aspects that can be mixed together to make a whole story? Are there scents such as gardenia, vanilla, or patoulli that add to your story? Are you interested in styling your factory wedding to the very detail, incorporating food style tabes and window treatments into your event?


  • a playful attitude is great for brainstorming intial ideas
  • Is there a movie or song that can serve as a starting point?
  • create your vision board with magazine clippings, photos, words, fabrics, faux fur...anything that starts to add up to your unique story. Remember there will be lots of editing and rearranging later on!
  • choose colors that make you both feel great---color has energy!
  • think about how colors, textures, sound and scents interact to tell your story
  • will there be a visual component such as a loop tape or slide show? A photo booth or stage setting for photos with your guests? 
  • How much of The Art Factory surrounds will figure into your event? 

Streamlined Simplicity Meets Creative Vision

The magic of your wedding story is in the details

Your vision board shows your color theme and will guide us through the process of designing your dream wedding:

Key Elements:

  • centerpiece: think about something you  really enjoy doing together and let this motive to inspire your wedding theme
  • vintage props and memorablia 
  • greenery and fabrics will complement and enhance the mood on your spacial day
  • styled food display tables: your favorite food can make incredible food displayd for your guests with personal touch
  • favorite movies and artistic styles can inspire your event theme as well
  • music: favorite music could narrate and add to your story 

Photo Style Shoot & Documentary Page

Set the stage through...and capture it with a professional photographer or videographer. 

  • your modern | simplistic | elegant photo ducumantry projections will narrate your surroundings 
  • lights will add this glamorous chic to your special night celebrations
  • video projections will add to your story
  • window | ceilings treatments 
  • Utilize THE ART FACTORY STUDIOS unique venues and explore it's full potential with us!


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“There is something amazing about The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ. Maybe it’s the name. Or, perhaps it’s the city. Maybe it’s the history of the building…if those walls could talk! The Art Factory is a huge silk factory complex of 17 buildings that have been repurposed to serve as a community space for artists of all types to create. It’s a true oasis of creativity within the city.
Shawn Bristow

Bogath Weddings