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Photographer - Mar 21, 2019


Where do you intend to spend Valentine's Day? 

Below are 6 tricks for Valentine's decorations:

  • Place flowers in a vase and pour water into a glass bowl.

  • Place pebbles an inch or so deep in the water glass cylinder, rose heads, and floating candles.

  • Create "love lantern" by inserting fairy lights into it.

  • Sprinkle the table with rose petals.

  • Hung hearts on branches.

  • Glue the lace onto old mason glass jars.
  • Choose your favorite scented candles.


    af-styled-wedding-cam2-2018-02-13-0487 (1)

  • Don't forget your favorite music mix... and you're all set!
  • Let love be the gift!

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    Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE