Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE

Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE

Wedding greenery

In recent seasons, weddings and wedding decorations are distinguished by a lot of greenery. Young couples give up a whole range of colors for one specific color with the addition of lush greenery. Among them, the leader is the eucalyptus, often...

The art factory rustic weddinG VENUE planning list- made simple

Organizing a wedding could be overwhelming. TheArtFactory rustic wedding venue team would like to share this simple list along with couple other shortcuts. 

Your Experience wedding color theme

The colors you choose for your big day are a reflection of your personality and style. Colors can reflect moods and add sensuality, coziness and charm. Some colors talk a lot about you and what is dear to you. Regardless of whether you chose your...


Art Factory creative team specializes in creating bespoke and unique wedding experiences. Each Art Factory couple, with their unique love story have the opportunity to bring their vision into reality. As a result of our collaborations, we create...

rustic wedding centerpieces

The Art Factory offers unique, one-of-a-kind, event experiences for your special wedding day.  You will have several choices of ceremony, reception, dining and theme rooms available within the newly renovated textile factory floors.  The...

Factory Rustic Wedding

The ArtFactory destination offers much inspiration for your rustic chic wedding. One of them is wedding decorations which are a very important element of the exceptional wedding day.

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Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE