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Photographer - Nov 5, 2017

Industrial buildings - hotels and wedding halls adapted in former factory buildings are enjoying a great deal of success.

Almost every major city has luxurious interiors, combining elegance with industrial rigor of interiors. It is an offer for people who want to organize an unusual wedding and they are in favor of new trends, and original custom spaces.

Currently, industrial spaces meet high demand and come up on top in searches for the most desirable wedding venue. It seams like the trend of weddings and industrial weddings is being developed in each city center, in old post-industrial buildings, lofts, restaurants, which are perfect for trendy minimalism, over the top celebrity wedding. Factories, warehouses, lofts are most desireble and I have the impression that this is just the beginning of a great industrial wedding revolution.Learn More





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    Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE