Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE
Catherine Copeland - Apr 6, 2018

RETHINK YOUR EVENT FOOD Experience with chef Jonathan Harris...

In the Art Factory's industrial event spaces, food takes on a major dramatic role. Following the design model for Experiences at the Art Factory, chefs curate menus for clients based on their interests, hobbies, and passions. Favorite movies, personas, or cultural destinations might set the tone for a styled table display. Custom food tables might overflow with southern delicacies, rendition of Grandma's specialty stew, or a theme table inspired by couple's favorite snack. Desserts might inspire memories of a favorite vacation spot, or a young person's cherished childhood treat. 



In the next post we will share a story on The Art Factory's Celebrity Chef who, grew up in Brooklyn and now, is here to curate your "food story" with each menu as a personal statement.


Written by Catherine Copeland

    Experience|TheArtFactory|INDUSTRIAL RAW SPACE