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Your Studio in our Vibrant Community

What is a coworking space?

At The Art Factory, our coworking retail spaces meet the needs of all business entrepreneurs by combining inspirational, urban industrial space with a large number of work stations equipped with high-speed internet access.  With vaulting ceilings and historic facade details, great networking possibilities, and access to members cafe, coworking space at The Art Factory provides the foundation for a cutting-edge business model for the entrepreneur who desires:

  • a friendly environment conducive to making new contacts
  • access to real customers to broaden your company's outreach
  • a unique, historic and spacious urban setting that cures the cubical syndrome
  • an inspirational vibrant experience that generates new ideas
  • a "one-stop shopping" office venue with on-site access to food and beverages, as well as easy access to industry equipment used in woodworking, metal arts, film, and photography


How to pick your coworking space?

Coworking combined with inspiring space can significantly contribute to improving the productivity and efficiency of your work.  Ideas are generated through movement.  A glance out the window might spark a new thought.  A walk down the hallway of a beautiful industrial building with slanting light might generate the next big idea for your company.  Interactions with other creative professionals at the cafe, combined with inspirational, urban beauty could bring the next fresh success for your business.  The unique coworking experience at The Art Factory provides:

  • inspiring conditions for business meetings
  • opportunites to establish interesting contacts with other professionals
  • a creative atmosphere for working
  • access to equipment for industries such as woodworking, photography, and metal arts
  • livestreaming capabilities



With multiple CREATIVE SPACES in which to develop your product and broadcast your vision, and A DIVERSE CREATIVE COMMUNITY with whom to network, your brand name will gain traction and your business will grow.  At The Art Factory, you can:

  • produce livestream selfhosted workshops 
  • build your work portfolio
  • utilize professional industry tools, props, drafting tables, easles
  • create your world



of inspiring SPACE and LIVESTREAMING

Coworking at The Art Factory gives you access to thousands of square feet of historic industrial space in varying stages of finish, each space with a unique character.  These beautiful spaces create the backdrop for unlimited types of businesses---from artists to makers to graphic novelists to cinematographers to culinary artisans to lawyers---  to broadcast to the World what they are offering.  Against a visually interesting, industrial backdrop, you can livestream your vision to your coworkers and get immediate feedback, or produce livestream workshops for broader exposure to potential clients.

At The Art Factory, you can:

  • put your vision into action through diverse maker spaces and coworking spaces, optimizing full potential and  benefits of these historic industrial buildings
  • turn workshop visitors into customers with livestreaming
  • network with other professionals
  • create the new ideas to keep your business growing
Art Factory is the largest center for creative enterprise in the Hemisphere housed within hundreds of thousands of square feet of inspiring historic mill building complexes adjacent to the new Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, New Jersey, twelve miles from Manhattan. Experience our Creative Lifestyle by joining our strong community of creative entrepreneurs who infuse our inspiring spaces with the Positive Energy of creative coworking, business incubation, film, photography, arts, and culture.


Great space to work in. Almost too many great choices for shooting and David is so easy going. If you are looking for that industrial warehouse feel, this is the place!!!
Shawn Bristow

Jack Roberts More than 20 years experience creating compelling content!

The best place on the East Coast for shooting video and still photos. Great people to work with and the environment is unbelievable!!!!
Shawn Bristow

Matt Gosser NJIT Gallery Director