the HISTORY of the art factory  

TheArtFactory Story

TheArtFactory is a resolute example of preservation in the face of common practice. It's a modern conversion of an old textile mill in the historic district. TheArtFactory is twisting the head,...
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Urban Wedding

Have you always imagined your own wedding party in the historic city, and the outdoor session with a background composed of narrow, cobbled streets and modern, urban lofts? Why not use these...
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art factory members

Everyone Loves Exposed Bricks

The Art Factory is comprised of dozens of interconnected buildings -most of them made of brick - characteristic feature of industrail interiors. It's worth taking a closer look at the bricks,...
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the HISTORY of the art factory  

Industrial raw space​ and the history of the Art Factory

The Art Factory (also known as Hollywood East) is housed within approximately 25 historic buildings that once housed the Dolphin Manufacturing Company.  The largest buildings were originally...
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