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1) I was born in small town in south India called Mulbagal. It was the country life on a sugarcane farm, which was my family owned business, surrounded by coconut, mango, guava, and papaya trees. I had good neighbors and diverse culture. The town...



CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT - Alexa Jade Frankelis PRESENTS: "Seclusion,  I isolated a part of the environment"

ALEXA JADE FRANKELIS is a photographer based in New York City. She explores the relationship between nature, the macabre, and spirituality in her work.

Art walk 2018 creative spotlight: Terry Straus 

I was raised in Ridgewood, NY, five miles from midtown, New York City.  It was a blue color neighborhood then. Great people, but talking and viewing art was not really a neighborhood thing.  In my teens, I would take the M train into...

Paterson ART WALK 2018 creative SPOTLIGHT - Alejandro Rubin 

ALEJANDRO RUBIN: Artist from Venezuela. In 2010 he came to study in the US, and has been living and working here ever since:

Art Factory warehouse event space nj is Live Streaming

Live streaming "refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer. It is often simply referred to as streaming (Wikipedia)." Live streaming technology is included with your coworking experience and

Why we feel inspired watching "Silk City Artists and Musicians," a documentary by professor Vince Parrillo

Vince Parrillo,  professor at William Paterson University, did a fantastic job documenting the many inspiring and talented creatives connected to Paterson, NJ.  His film, "Silk City Artists and Musicians" explores the people and places within...

What are the different types of coworking spaces

There are variety of coworking spaces. The most beneficial will be the one most inspiring \stimulating \with nurturing environment and access to all the necessary tools you need for your brand to grow #The Art Factory 

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