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TheArtFactory Pop-Up events Experience

The real power of building your brand awareness at TheArtFactory (not to mention the uniqueness of the venue) comes from the combination of other factors/benefits you can boost your brand with:

If there's one type of wedding venue that manages to be the most versatile backdrop for ANY kind of wedding, it's a rad factory space. Exposed brick, vintage industrial chic lighting, kick-ass props, high ceilings, and GORGEOUS windows… give me...

ART WALK 2018 CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT - KLANDO: "Some art could be to get a direct message out..."

1) Where were you raised? Can you paint a picture of your childhood?

CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT - Luis Yllanes... Art can be used as therapy, to tell great stories, and is highly educational...

Martin Frank: The Photographer is a Physician— at the inspiring venue, the Art Factory


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