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Posted by Photographer on Nov 9, 2019 1:44:03 PM
How should my rustic wedding dress look like?

A rustic wedding dress is different from traditional wedding dresses primarily due to the finish and style.
Rustic style is associated with nature and texture. That is why this type of dress should be simple, delicate,
airy and should not contain a large number of decorations. It perfectly suits the climate of the rustic, especially
if industrial wedding is your dream.

A boho wedding dress and a rustic style dress should not be made of heavy materials, finished with a circle and
richly decorated, because they will not fit the convention of the wedding. Therefore, it is preferable here delicate,
flowing materials, thin lace. In the rustic style, simplicity of form and natural colors are valued above all - white,
pastel shades, colors of wood. These are also the colors proposed for rustic wedding dresses.

A rustic wedding dress should not be overwhelming. Choosing the right accessories is also very important in the whole
styling - certainly a long wedding veil will not work here, while wedding wreaths or a light headband will perfectly
match the braids and delicate haircuts. It is also very important to use appropriate, natural floral compositions, so that
the bouquet you hold in your hand gently highlights the chosen dress.

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