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Posted by Photographer on Dec 19, 2019 9:57:02 AM


Wedding Venue Decorations:

  • Use the potential of the interior. If it's rustic or industrial, highlight it!
  • Instead of covering tables with tablecloths, display their edgy charm. Natural, old wood fits perfectly with rustic/wild bouquets of many species of flowers and with glass decorations: candlesticks, lanterns, and vases. Rustic and industrial interiors give a huge scope for display, you only need to skillfully use it.
  • Surprise wedding guests with personalized menus/favors refined in every detail, and table numbers to delight with each such small motif.
  • The extraordinary ceremony starts with seasonal flowers; there is nothing more wonderful than natural plants that spread their charm and smell... "Always take time to smell the Flowers.... but take more time to plant a seed as well. There is nothing like watching a seed you have planted in Life Bloom." Maritza 
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