Posted by Photographer on May 12, 2018 3:24:01 PM

1) I was born in small town in south India called Mulbagal. It was the country life on a sugarcane farm, which was my family owned business, surrounded by coconut, mango, guava, and papaya trees. I had good neighbors and diverse culture. The town was full of delicious food, festivals, and local theatrical plays.

2) As a child, I started art when I lost father at age 8. That is when I really started with pencil arts. At the time, it was really an escape for me, almost a form of therapy. Later in life, I found another passion in photography. I used to travel a lot for work and I would love to capture the imagery of journeys, I have taken many photos, most of my paintings are of photographs of my life experiences.

3/4) Growing up in India, My family wanted me to spend more time in studies than on art. Therefore, I found my inspiration as a child in history books, mostly drawing Indian historical figures like kings, and Indian freedom fighters. As a young adult started with water and oil paintings doing portraits of family friends. I would also paint them portraits of Bollywood Indian Actors.

5) I love nature and exploring in my free time and capturing the beauty in my photographs. Those pictures help me come up with my art. I enjoy using all types of mediums, from pencil to acrylics. When that inspiration comes for my next piece of art, I use the medium I feel inspired to use.

6) I feel my most of my art is more image driven, but on certain times I do love letting my mind take over and expressing myself on canvas.

7) My goal is the same now as it was when I was a young child. To meet upcoming artists, be inspired by their artwork and learn new techniques. I would love to meet people and get advice to bring a new side of my artistic talent out and expose my art to a broader range of people.

8) Yes my art influence my life.

9) I think most of creative people are lonely inside. In my life experience, we have to live in both happiness and sadness, this is what life is. Some people express their loneliness and some people do not express it and keep the loneliness inside. I choose to express it in my work.

10) Art really does connect me to the beauty of this world. I have learned to appreciate the details and look at the world in different angles. This is all because of art

11) i have made portraits for friends and family as gifts. I mainly did it for myself to explore my creative side. Now that I have more time, I would like to explore more opportunities to show people this side of me.

12) Create a sense of beauty, to explore feelings and ideas. A form of therapy and escape.

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