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Posted by Photographer on Nov 5, 2019 8:38:36 AM

Private business is the largest employer. Among 102,363 companies there are as many as 75,333 small enterprises based on business activity. In the last two years, women's activity is growing: "this way, we create jobs ourselves..."

Self-employment is often the only chance to raise income, or earn as much as a full-time employee, but be your boss. What do TheArtFactory members think about their business?

Anthony - It is worth investing in gastronomy. Food will always sell well. Maybe it's a lot, but it's important to break through with some good idea. People love rustic space and different experiences why not try?

Natalia, a graduate from WPU: - I know a lot of people who sell online. It's a really good deal. People are comfortable now. They do not have to waste time shopping. I also shop online myself. Online sales may not replace this traditional one, but soon it will definitely be a serious competition. During Holiday season I like to have a brick and mortar presence so TheArtFcatory Pop-Up stores are perfect sag-way between online store and client face to face interaction. 

Jack, a student from MSU: - The owner of a printing shop. Made a very good business. With TheArtFactory I knew I hit the jackpot. Storefronts help my business to be profitable. People come even from NYC to film & shop.

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