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Modern luxury wedding

Posted by Photographer on Dec 8, 2019 10:23:23 AM

TheArtFactory over the last couple of years brought to reality many sophisticated,



The true is they can bring to reality every form of wedding, since they specialize in creating experiences for couples. They can assist from the very start like the choice of the #weddingdress that brings to mind a similar party style or just focus on your big day. They will help you to find a perfect wedding package that fits your style. Indeed, a lot of couples are looking for specific vendors such that the party could gain accents of such royal elegance. TheArtFactory has huge network of photographers, food vendors, bakeries, florists, dj’s and more… That is why our venue is very popular, and dates must be booked much earlier and the most attractive months, you have to book two years in advance. It's definitely longer than other popular wedding venues. After all, a wedding is associated with a sophisticated party, and in unique settings. Therefore, our vendors are trained on how to use the opportunities offered by TheArtFactory and adapt all other elements to them. From printing, starting with decoration, choosing a vehicle, to choosing a sophisticated and exclusive menu, alcohols and all attractions that bring to mind everything that may be associated with your wedding. TheArtFactory is also very flexible and often adapts to client's requirements (within reasons of course) they also offer a lot of additional attractions for the bride and groom. TheArtFactory weddings can be referenced to a specific historic era, theme, or your favorite movie.

They will guide you on how to achieve a truly exclusive effect. More couples aim towards exclusivity, seamlessness and unique form of the experience with personalized accents.  It manifests itself in the perfection of details, elements, ensuring that such are unique and unusual. Currently, royal weddings are not as inaccessible as before, such an effect is achievable for almost everyone. Therefore, today exclusivity is in selection of elements, forming an unusual composition that will make a great impression and will be remembered by all guests for a long time. Couples are looking for something unusual that will distinguish them from others. The most important thing is that all elements are of a high standard, very elegant, so that every detail is perfectly matched to the whole. It is always something beyond, unique and unheard of.    


Ladies are looking for a rather unique custom-made creation especially for them. The individual character  of the dress, its simplicity, elegance and quality determine exclusivity. How can you enhance your high-end wedding reception? Butterflies are a very interesting attraction and you can certainly call it exclusive because it is unusual. They are ordered in Germany, from where they are delivered. Colorful butterflies are released at the right time, usually after leaving the ceremony. The impression is really huge, but the cost of those few seconds when the butterflies hover over the young couple is high. Customers also want to find a unique vehicle that they will go to the wedding. Of course, you can go by coach, carriage or retro-style car, but couples who are planning a truly exclusive party want something as unique as possible.  Let's not forget about the menu, because good food is one of the pillars of a successful wedding. So what should you decide to make the dishes served to delight your guests?That is why it is more about high quality products than extravagant dishes. So once again the classic and of course at its best. The same applies to cake. The exclusive wedding baking prepared from natural ingredients with organic decorations and very delicate elements, e.g. pearls or several live flowers. No flashy decorations, in any case figurines or doves. An elegant classic that reflects only the couple’s style of expression.


People who are looking for uniqueness do not decide on standard seats. Eclectic and cross back chairs,  pallets, vintage mirrors and windows, pegboards, copper pipes and vintage frames, are the most desirable choice for all the events regardless of theme or style. Rustic, luxury and modern weddings, where each couple participates in their personalized unique experience with unique décor are trending right now. TheArtFactory specializes in building experiences and their team will turn your vision into reality.

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