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Posted by Photographer on Dec 3, 2017 1:54:50 AM

Creating Iconic Urban Destination where there is so much history hidden in brick walls.  When we create space we long to remember, the setting and feel of a space becomes all-important.  Encapsulating an unique ambiance inside an iconic historic space means that every moment will be imbued with the story of the building. 

One of the most iconic urban destinations is THE ART FACTORY | BEST FILM PHOTO LOCATION | HOLLYWOOD EAST ... where the huge water wheel circa (1849) evokes a long history of industrial work life.  Blending industrial spaces with modern amenities has brought interior designers, architects, filmmakers and artists from around the World here for inspiration | great original backdrops | creative lifestyle + more. Additionally, The Art Factory offers the savvy connoisseur many fresh, memorable spaces in which to build memories through adaptive use rentals.  With so much space (...400.000 square feet to be exact) within 16 buildings, The Art Factory offers diverse options: private studios | co-working open floor access | film | photo stages, each with a unique flavor and architecture. AdobeStock_172414066.jpeg

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