Paterson ART WALK 2018 creative SPOTLIGHT - Alejandro Rubin 

Posted by Catherine Copeland on Apr 6, 2018 3:53:36 AM
ALEJANDRO RUBIN: Artist from Venezuela. In 2010 he came to study in the US, and has been living and working here ever since:
I could say my childhood was mostly family, school and swimming. I lived in a small apartment and got to travel a lot because of swimming competitions and training camps, as well as traveling with my parents in Venezuela. My day schedule was basically school and swimming (I did some soccer too). Other than that, I was able to eat breakfast, sometimes lunch, and dinner with my family (parents, sister, and maternal grandmother).
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I was always surrounded by art and was always creative, but the true inspiration came later in life. I did win an Art competition once at school.
At the beginning of my MFA, I was told to look into the work of Hisorshi Sugimoto and Vija Celmins because of some similarities. Both of them are great artists and definitely since then they have influenced me. I also enjoy the larger works of artists such as Robert Smithson, and Anish Kapoor. I think they portray a good example of what art is, and why it is needed.
I like to think that traveling influences me, and my most recent inspiration was triggered by being far from home and seeing things happening in my country. So I think I can say that distance and the environment that surrounds me is a strong factor in what influences me.
I am constantly thinking of ideas. I have been using photos and videos as part of my medium, but I want to explore and try new mediums. I prefer conceptual art, but image-driven work can drive me. 
Art is one way to express myself and my ideas. And both art and life go hand in hand. 
Regarding the notion, "The lonely artist..." 
Everyone is lonely, not just artists. As humans, we need to find a way to cope with others, and 'the lonely artist' is just using art as a bridge to get to the rest of us (even when that might not be its pure goal, but it is out there for us). Art disconnects me from the world) and it helps me to imagine greater things. (I make art for both myself and others)because I start by making it for myself and once it's done, I like to share and give it to the people who are important to me.
Regarding what purpose art serves today: I do not know; art is a question for me and will always be. But I think that it is a good kind of question that we all need to ask.