CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT - Alexa Jade Frankelis PRESENTS: "Seclusion,  I isolated a part of the environment"

Posted by Photographer on Apr 12, 2018 7:48:17 AM
ALEXA JADE FRANKELIS is a photographer based in New York City. She explores the relationship between nature, the macabre, and spirituality in her work.
In her series titled, Seclusion,  she isolates a part of the environment, using the contrast between the ice, snow, plants, wood, and dirt to abstract what the viewer sees into an entirely different world. Not only is the image a literally abstracted view of nature, but also one of death by finding the beauty in it. The size of each print draws the viewer in, making them consider every detail, in order for them to realize that every aspect of an environment is important. The next time they find themselves in such a place, hopefully they will be fully immersed in their surroundings. Venturing out into the forest during the winter can be brutal, but attaining solitude from the rest of the world for those few hours is entrancing.
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