Retail Studio


Retail $900/mo

Retail $1200/mo

Retail $1500/mo

Retail $2000/pm

Build your retail business with an affordable, cutting-edge brick and mortar presence in the Art Factory Mercado/Expo, boasting thousands of unique visitors including wedding and event guests, tourists and film productions each week - mostly from NYC!  There is no better way to increase your visibility and set yourself apart from the crowd of online competitors! (click here for more retail space images) and (floor plan).

  • You can have as many partners as you want
  • Art Factory attracts thousands of visitors with money like a magnet
  • Meet new and existing clients face-to face, letting them see and experience your offerings
  • Cutting-edge design maximizes display and visibility
  • Community atmosphere encourages collaboration and cross-marketing
  • an inspirational vibrant experience that generates new ideas
  • Try us out month-to-month – no long term leases or commitments to worry about